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Our mission is to provide physicians with accurate and quality medical billing credentialing, consulting and training services so that our clients can focus on their practice and their patients. Our services are backed by our extensively trained staff with decades of experience. Our expertise combined with quality service and open communication is what sets us apart from the competition and is why our clients stay with us.  We believe in the power of quality customer service, integrity, teamwork, and communication and above all -


The Patient Experience.

The process of collecting reimbursement from the carriers is becoming more time-consuming and complex.  Physicians are looking for ways to eliminate costly billing errors and improve overall practice efficiency and cash flow. Our goal for our clients is to not only obtain consistent cash flow but to also maintain it. We focus on ways to decrease those duplicate denials as well.  Our staff follows a billing process system that helps eliminate the possibility of claims slipping through the “cracks”.

More and more providers and other healthcare professionals are making the decision to outsource either part or all of their medical billing. Here a few benefits you could expect when you outsource:

  • Saves time and devote more time to providing care to your patients.

  • Saves money.  No more expenses to help keep up with insurance and claims requirements.

  • Receive faster payments because you will have a full-time person or staff who is dedicated to the billing portion of your operations.

  • Appeals and Denials addressed faster.  

  • Increases reimbursements. Rejected claims will no longer be avoided or become timely.

  • Clear checks and balance system in place for your practices’ finances.

  • It provides you the help and security you need to build a healthy and profitable business.