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Our solutions are People Driven!


We Implement People-Driven Solutions!


All Right provides full-service back office and management expertise that equips your practice with full-service medical billing audits, medical revenue cycle management, medical billing, training, and medical practice management services. We are united with you in the goal of creating the best possible patient experience by focusing on patient-centric solutions and processes.


Many medical organizations champion the power of artificial intelligence to help them run their business and improve the business side of healthcare. While these technologies certainly increase efficiency and can even save you money and streamline your workflow processes, they pale in comparison to human intelligence making connections, learning your methods, adapting to your preferences, and fully customizing your systems and processes.

​There is simply no all-in-one technology solution in existence that can capture all the revenue you are entitled to or can minimize your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses. All Right stands by the conviction that real people using state-of-the-art technology form the core of a successful back office that bolsters the bottom line.


We perform a wide assortment of medical management services we’ve perfected while working with hundreds of organizations and technology platforms. Get in touch today to discuss partnering. We can help you take control of your back office and management of your practice with the thoroughness and ease you’ve been seeking

Our Commitment to You

The patient experience is everything to your practice and success! 

Our focus is on the patient experience! Positive patient experience leads to better outcomes and a better bottom line! When the patient experience is the number one priority of your staff and vendors, providers are more empowered to practice medicine their way and have a healthier bottom line. Our goal is to be your partner and collaborate with you and your staff to provide the best possible experience for your patients.